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We produce aluminum alloy shapes, bars and pipes, using 3 extrusion presses and 6 cold drawing benches. These products are used widely in the market as raw materials and semi-finished materials. These are used as forging stock and structural materials for automobiles, landscaping products, and a variety of other commodities. We run our own melting and casting facility to maintain product quality, and produce billets in a quantity large enough to support our own production of extruded products. We design and manufacture extruding dies to secure the configuration accuracy of our extruded products and ensure customer satisfaction. In order to maintain a stable supply and product quality, we purchase raw pipes from major pipe manufacturers for drawing processing application. We also provide a machining service such as cutting, finished edge and press punching. We work with subcontractors to provide anodized products at your request.

1.Production Classification (As of Apr. 2018)

Aluminum Alloy Product Designation Product Type Applications
Pure Aluminum 1000 Series 1050 Shape, Pipe, Bar Electrical Conductive Material, Fin, Daily Commodity, Lighting Equipment
1070 Shape, Pipe, Bar Electrical Conductive Material, Fin, Daily Commodity, Decoration
1100 Shape, Pipe, Bar Fin, Heat-Exchanging Component
Al-Cu-Mg 2000 Series 2014 Pipe, Bar Forging Material (Two-Wheel and Four-Wheel Vehicle), Cylinder
2017 Pipe, bar Forging Material (Two-Wheel and Four-Wheel Vehicle)
Al-Mn 3000 Series 3003 Pipe, Bar Fin, Copy Drum, Impact Material
Al-Mg 5000 Series 5052 Shape, pipe, bar Vessel Component, Vehicle, Piping
5056 Shape, Pipe, Bar Camera Component, Communication Device Part
Al-Mg-Si 6000 Series 6005C Shape, Pipe, Bar Forging Material (Two-Wheel and Four-Wheel Vehicle), Cylinder
6063 Shape, Pipe, Bar Building Material, General Purpose
6N01 Shape, Pipe, Bar Train, Stool Pipe, Framing Material
Al-Mg-Sn-Cu 7000 Series 7204 Pipe, Bar Train Structure, Material For Two- and Four-Wheel Vehicle
7075 Pipe, Bar Aircraft, Stock, Cane, Structure

2.Extruded Shapes

Solid and porthole dies are used in our process. Soft alloy products (1000 series, 6063) are available in diameters of up to φ150mm. Call us for available sizes of hard alloy and 5000-series alloy.

3.Extruded Pipes

Porthole dies are used in our process capable of covering the size range from φ6 x 2.9t to φ120 x 5t. Call us for available diameters and thicknesses of each alloy type.

4.Extruded Bars

Available from φ6 to φ95. Call us for available diameters and thicknesses of each alloy type.

5.Drawn Pipes

Available from φ6 x 1t to φ220 x 6t, using porthole-extruded and mandrel-extruded pipes. Our drawn pipes feature both improved mechanical properties (i.e. cold working effects) and high sectional shape accuracy (i.e. significant effects of drawing). The accuracy of our standard products meets the tolerances for the JIS special grade. We manufacture products with twice the accuracy of JIS tolerances in response to certain special customer requests. Porthole-extruded pipes used in our production of drawn products are manufactured by ourselves or purchased from major manufacturers, and all the mandrel-extruded pipes are from major manufacturers. Call us for available diameters and thicknesses for each alloy type. Square and deformed pipes are also available.

6.Drawn Bars

We produce round and hexagonal rods. Call us for available diameters for each alloy type. Consult us when particularly strict tolerances are required.


Descriptions provided here cover part of our products and capabilities. Product development is one of our capabilities. Feel free to consult us about raw materials, secondary processing or heat treatment.

Please contact Washin Shoji for all stock items and standardized products.

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