Technical Information

Production Process


Our manufacturing process starts from casting. Aluminum is a great metal for recycling, so we recycle scraps generated in the manufacturing process and also use ingot to produce variety of aluminum alloys. Aluminum is melted in our melting furnace, adjusting chemical composition and being performed analysis every single time. To meet customer’s timeline, we produce different alloys at every casting process.


In our billet cutting process, the high-speed billet sawing machine trims billet precisely in length and units and prepare for the next process.

Billet Heating

Before the extrusion process, we pre-heat a billet for better processing. A billet is loaded into our heating device for heating process at approximately 500 Celsius. And then it goes to the extrusion process.


Extrusion is a metal forming process, in which aluminum or aluminum ally are push through the die at temperature of 400 to 500 Celsius. Generally, round billet is used. At high pressure, a billet is forced through a die opening to produce certain length of finished goods in various types of shape.
By using this method, product with many hollow slots and complex shapes, which is difficult to manufacture in other method, is produced in one process. It is possible to manufacture a product with a high dimensional accuracy.

At this process we also carried out the production of seamless pipes. A hollow pipe is usually processed and manufactured by die. To be able to answer wider customers need, we provide the double-action extrusion press, to produce a hollow pipe by functions of extrusion press.


After the extrusion, depending on thermal refining, products go through forced air flow, cooling, or pulled and stretched to eliminate any strain, and then trimmed to prepare the next heat treatment process.


Our cutting machine cut product from 10mm to 10,000mm in the millimeters. In the length of below 2,000mm, our machine can cut product within an allowance of 0.5mm length.

Heat Treatment

After the cutting process, the product is loaded into the heat treat furnace to accelerate precipitation hardening and increase yield strength. When the product is going to be bend at customers site, we offer them a special heat treatment for easier process.


Our Quality Control Section ensures the product meets customer specification. Mechanical strength, chemical composition, measurements, and JIS are all tested and guaranteed.

Measurement and Analysis by Specialized Equipments


Drawing is a cold working process which material is pulled through a die with small cross sectional area at room temperature. Generally, extruded pipe is used for material.
In general, drawing can create much thinner, higher in accuracy, and finer surface work than extrusion. Pipes and bars are manufactured by using this method.

The drawing process is a part of our integrated production. “Harder and more accurate tolerances”. We prepare for the cold processing equipment to set your request for the extruded pipes and bars. Our maximum diameter for the drawing is 200mm. After drawing, we are ready to process it to the tempering furnace to produce varieties of alloys.


After Quality Control Section performed their inspection process, the product goes to the visual inspection and the packing process. We inspect, and packed in the packaging forms specified by customers, labeled online each items, and prepare for shipping to customers in time.


Shipped to customer.