Main Facilities

Melting, Casting, and Cutting
7-ton Reverberatory Furnace 1 Unit
Continious Casting Line 1 Unit
High-Speed Billet Sawing Machine 1 Unit
Extruding, Drawing, Stretching, and Cutting
1500-ton Extrusion Press 1 Unit
1800-ton Extrusion Press 1 Unit
50-ton Extrusion Press 1 Unit
Multi-Pipe Drawing Bench 4 Units
Continuous Drawing Bench 1 Unit
Roll Straightening Machine 7 Units
Precision Cutting Machine 6 Units
Heat Treatment
HO Furnace 1 Unit
Tempering Furnace 2 Units
Annealing Furnace 1 Unit
Quenching Furnace 1 Unit
Electric Salt Bath 1 Unit
Chemical Composition Analysis
Emission Spectrophotometer 1 Set
Atomic Absorption/Flame Spectrochemical Analyzer 1 Set
Mechanical Properties Testing
Amsler Universal Testing Machine 1 Set
Electronic Vertical Tensile Testing Machine 1 Set
Laser Scanning Micrometer 1 Set
Rockwell Hardness Tester 1 Set
Micro Vickers’ Hardness Tester 1 Set
Barcol Hardness Tester 1 Set
Digital Microscope 1 Set
Eddy Current Test Equipment 1 Set
Supersonic Flaw Detector 1 Set
Surface Roughness Meter 1 Set
Wire Cut Electric Spark Machine 3 Sets
Precision EDM Machine 2 Sets
Machining Center 2 Sets
Nitriding Furnace 1 Unit
Vacuum Hardening Furnace 1 Unit
Other Machine Tools 15 Sets